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With his expertise and an unfailing tradition of excellence, Mozart Desforges made his mark and established his reputation in the funeral industry. In 1969, along with his wife, Yolande Bissonnette, he acquired the property of Mrs. Régina Racine-Girard, located in Brownsburg, to transform it into their first funeral home.

Mozart Desforges


Driven by his passion, Mozart Desforges became the owner of the Denise Tessier building in Lachute with the plan of making it a second funeral home in 1975. An agreement was also established the following year with the community of Morin-Heights to provide funeral services to the local population and surrounding municipalities. At the request of her father, Joanne Desforges joined the family business in 2004 and became involved in the management of the funeral home. She became a funeral director in 2010 and provides personalized services to bereaved families on a daily basis. In order to modernize the facilities and continue to offer quality services adapted to the needs of the community, a funeral complex was built in 2012 at 331 Bethany Avenue, in Lachute.

It is with sadness and regret that we announce the passing of Mr. Mozart Desforges, founder of the funeral complex, on October 5, 2015. It is with respect and understanding that his daughter, Joanne, President of the complex – accompanied by her husband Daniel Desforges, Family Counselor, as well as the staff members at your disposal – optimizes the funeral preparation process to accommodate everyone’s unique needs for funeral rituals.

"It is with dignity and caring, as well as with respect for all religious beliefs, that we offer you all the support you need during these difficult times."

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